Personal Health Informatics Doctoral Program

What can you do with a PhD in Personal Health Informatics?

Giving subjects their voice (PHI Professor Rupal Patel)

Turning phones into coaches (PHI Professor Stephen Intille)

A social network to improve community health (PHI Professor Andrea Parker)

Autism and technology (PHI Professor Matthew Goodwin)

Brain interfaces (PHI Professor Denis Erdogmus)

Giving synthetic voice to the voiceless (PHI Professor Rupal Patel)

A tech breakthrough is letting people who are physically unable to speak talk out loud in their own, unique voice. Watch video.

Advances in measuring autism (PHI Professor Matthew Goodwin)

Tools for studying autistic children

A bit on the CCIS PhD program

PHI students interact quite a bit with students from the CCIS PhD program, and some health tech students are in the CCIS PhD program. Watch video.

Northeastern University

Scenes from Northeastern’s campus in downtown Boston

Northeastern’s Digital Commons

Northeastern’s Health Simulation Lab

Northeastern’s Health Science Entrepreneurs Program

Watch the video.

Tour of Northeastern’s Behrakis Health Science Center

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