Prof. Goodwin Honored at Aspen Ideas Festival

PHI faculty member Matthew Goodwin was named a Spotlight Health Scholar at the 2015 Aspen Ideas Festival, an annual event produced by the Aspen Institute and The Atlantic.

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Professor Rupal Patel featured in the Boston Globe

Our own Rupal Patel’s company VocaliD has been named a 2015 Game Changer by the Boston Globe. Congrats Rupal!

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PHI Spring Update

It’s been a busy semester for our PHI-affiliated professors and students. Here’s a rundown of what’s going on in the program.

PHI will be well represented at this year’s Society for Behavioral Medicine meeting. The PHI program will be featured in a symposium on “Training Researchers in Behavioral Technology and Personal Health Informatics” with Profs. Bickmore, Jimison, Pavel, and Goodwin, and students Zessie Zhang and Shuo Zhou. Bickmore, Zhang, and Zhou will also present a paper session on ” Communicating Complex Cancer-related Protocols Using Conversational Agents” covering different aspects of work performed on a National Cancer Institute project. Finally, Prof. Bickmore will be presenting at a panel session on “Organizing with Ontologies! A panel discussion on how ontologies can support better behavioral science.”

Prof. Bickmore received a new grant award to help individuals with spinal cord injury. Prof. Bickmore also received a grant from the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation, entitled “Spinal Cord Injury Virtual Coach to Promote Self-Care in Pressure Ulcer Prevention,” to develop a conversational agent to counsel spinal cord injury patients on self-care procedures in collaboration with researchers at the Boston University School of Public Health.

Prof. Matthew Goodwin has received a grant in collaboration with Boston Children’s Hospital. The major goals are to introduce and evaluate a social robot platform that can: (1) continuously quantify and (2) socially mitigate anxiety and stress of patients (aged 3-10) in PICU and Oncology units resulting in better quality experiences of child patients and families.

Prof. Goodwin also received a grant in collaboration with Janssen Pharmaceuticals, entitled “A Study to Preliminarily Assess the Janssen Autism Knowledge Engine in Children and Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder.” The major goal of this project is to develop and preliminarily assess innovative new approaches to digitally tracking symptoms, behaviors, and physiological reactivity in individuals on the autism spectrum using an application on a smartphone and easy-to-wear biosensors.

Andrea Parker, Holly Jimison & Misha Pavel received a grant from the Aetna Foundation to conduct the National Evaluation of the Community Empowerment.

Andrea Parker, Holly Jimison & Misha Pavel have also been invited to lead an Aetna Foundation Commission on mHealth Technologies and Population Health Through Technological Innovations.

New People
Relational Agents Lab (Tim Bickmore): Cristina Battaglino, Ph.D.
Computational Behavioral Sciences Lab (Matthew Goodwin): Jillian Sullivan, Ph.D. and Rick Palumbo, Ph.D.

A. Ranade, H. Saksono, A. Parker , J. Hoffman, G. Kamarthi, C. Wirth, C. Castaneda-Sceppa (2014). “Spaceship Launch: A community-driven technology intervention promoting physical activity in a low-income neighborhood.” Poster presented at the 142nd American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Meeting.

A listing of new publications from Prof. Goodwin’s lab can be found here.