Apply for the Personal Health Informatics Kickstart for Aspiring Scientists

Use your creativity to change lives with health technology

Personal Health Informatics Kickstart for Aspiring Scientists

Saturday, October 25th, 2014, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts

Spend a high-paced, action-packed day networking with, and working on, multi-disciplinary teams to reimagine a new age of healthy living. This invite-only event is an opportunity to collectively design and implement a high-impact research project that could be funded using a research crowd-funding site such as

The day will begin with inspirational talks from faculty to get your creativity flowing. Next you’ll develop ideas for impactful research projects, consulting with top experts in personal health informatics, mobile health, pattern recognition and machine learning, epidemiology, and various health domains.

The event will culminate with a healthy dose of competition! You’ll present your research idea to all attendees and to a distinguished panel of experts who will evaluate your idea, provide feedback, and award prizes to the first ($1,000), 2nd ($500) and 3rd place teams ($250). Breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be provided.

For more information and to apply:

Personal health informatics is the study of person- and patient-facing technologies and how they can be used to improve health and change the nature of our healthcare system. Examples of personal health informatics technologies include assistive technologies that aid persons with disabilities, consumer wellness promotion technologies, patient education and counseling systems, interfaces for reviewing personal health records, advanced ambulatory monitoring for supporting health, automated eldercare systems that support independent living, and social networking systems connecting families and their social and medical support networks.

Sponsored by Northeastern University

PHI Brown Bag Tomorrow!

The PHI brown bags will happen at 3:30pm tomorrow, and for the rest of the semester, on every Thursday at 3:30 in BK 105 (same room as last week).
The seminars will start at 4pm, in the same room, if there is a seminar scheduled for that week.

Cookies and drinks will be provided!

PHI Brown Bag Lunch @ 4pm, BK105

Today’s PHI Brown Bag will be held at 4pm in the Behrakis Health Center, BK105. Please arrive promptly as the group may leave the room to go out to eat.