MS in Health Informatics Research Track

MS in Health Informatics Research Track

For students who are interested in the PhD in Personal Health Informatics, but who need to gain more course or research experience before starting doctoral work, the MS in Health Informatics at Northeastern University has a research track. The research track allows students in the MS program to fulfill some requirements of the MS degree by taking some PhD course requirements and starting to work on research projects. As they do so, the students gain skills and experience that will strengthen a future application to the PhD program, and they will have the opportunity to interact with faculty who teach in the PhD program.

Students who complete the MS in Health Informatics with the research track who are subsequently admitted to the PhD program may cut up to 1.5 years off the PhD program, depending upon which courses are taken while in the MS and the quality of the student’s MS thesis work.

The research track does not change the credit requirements or timeline for the MS in Health Informatics. It is only available for on-campus students at this time, because students are expected to work directly with faculty and some recommended courses are not offered online. Graduate research assistantships are available for students in the MS in Health Informatics.

All Personal Health Informatics PhD program applicants are asked to specify whether they are interested in being considered for the MS program in the PhD program application. Students who do so but who are not admitted to the PhD program will be referred to the MS program directly for consideration. Any student in the MS program may participate in the research track, with faculty approval.

Students in the MS in Health Informatics who follow the research track would typically have the following coursework:

  • Introduction to Health Informatics and Health Information Systems (3 SH)
  • The American Health-Care System (3 SH)
  • Knowledge Management in Healthcare (3 SH)
  • Choose 1:
    • Database Design, Access, Modeling, and Security in Health Care (3 SH)
    • Key Standards in Health Informatics (3 SH)
  • CS 5340: Human/Computer Interaction (4 SH)
  • Computer science graduate-level programming or data mining course (4 SH)
  • Choose 1:
    • PHTH 5200 Theoretical Foundations in Personal Health Informatics (On campus only) (4 SH)
    • CCIS 6350: Empirical Research Methods (On campus only) (4 SH)
  • PHTH 5210 Biostatistics in Public Health (Online course in development) (3 SH)
  • MS Research Thesis Part 1 (3 SH)
  • MS Research Thesis Part 2 (3 SH)

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